Bible Verse of the first week of August 2015

Introducing my children to God is something that keeps me awake at night – am I doing it right? Am I opening their hearts to love God? Hopefully one day either them or the Lord will tell me – but I think that so far we are doing ok.

A simple way that we worship the Lord is to pray together each night before our girls go to bed and most of the time my husband and I take it in turns to say the Lord’s Prayer. God sent Jesus not just to take the punishment for our sins but also to teach us how to become closer to God and the prayer in the verse of this week is a great way to incorporate those lessons in your communication with Christ.

My prayer for you this week is that you will be able to open yourself up to the Lord and that you will be able to take a moment out of your busy lives to fully appreciate the Lord. I lift you up to him in this coming week and pray that you will be healthy and whole and have the support that you need around you to not just get through the up and coming week but excel in it. AMEN.



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