Beating the winter blues at home with the kids

Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.3 John 1:2

Good health is about more than just your body, or your mind or your spirit – it is a combination of all of that and more and sometimes you need to look after all three before you can start to feel in good health.

My husband works every second weekend which means that sometimes we go 7 full days in between his days off – this week is a great example of this. I’m very lucky that he is home in time to have dinner as a family and tuck our girls into bed together nine nights out of ten but the weekend that he works tends to drag on for me. I yearn for companionship and for an excuse to break routine and focus on us or me or him – anything aside from housework.
Winter where we moved to is very cold, very wet and very lonely because we are a 12 hour drive away from all of our friends and family *sigh* although we have made a couple of good friends its a lot harder to catch up and most of the time on the ‘working weekend’ I catch up on my TV and go about my normal day.
But today I have decided that instead of spending this rainy Saturday looking up things on Pintrest that I will never complete doing housework, I decided to treat myself to a day of self love! And I have to tell you I feel fantastic for it!
All I did were really simple things but when I put them all together it made a day at home with the kids feel like a day at the spa! Hopefully they will give you some ideas of how to beat the winter blues by pampering your body, mind and spirit at home with the kids at your side.

  • I had a picnic inside with my girls for their snack time – it resulted in lots of mess, lots of laughs and me getting a much better idea of who is going to cause more trouble during toddlerdom – My elder twin by far! No photo i’m afraid because I had my handsfull.
  • I watched my favorite Disney movie (Tangled – I really!!! hope they do a sequel) with my girls and sang and danced along with all of the songs without feeling guilty about TV time or that the floors need mopping or that the washing is taking over the house.
  • As soon as my girls went to bed for their nap I made a cup of tea and did this Yoga video. I’m loving her Yoga workouts and am now on day four of her foundations of Yoga series although I’ve been doing her beginner and weight-loss Yoga videos for about two months now and I can really feel the difference. 
  • I lit some candles and focused on God – I’ve been re-reading The New Testament while feeding my girls each night and I meditated on what God had planned for me me and opened myself up to him.Cheeky Tea cup and candles
  • I planned a TWO date nights for my husband and myself!!! Very excited – one even includes leaving the house WIN!
  • I gave my girls a massage. I haven’t done this with/for them since they were about six months old but I loved the one on one time with each of them giving them a little pamper (even if they are only 13 months old).
  • I skipped the elaborate dinner tonight! We are having leftovers and instead of feeling glum about it (as a rule I HATE leftovers) I feel liberated.
  • I sat down and wrote this blogpost – I hope you liked it.

With blessings,

 Jamie xx


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