Bible verse of the week 18th Jan 2016

 Seeing as how my birthday is this week I decided to bring us back to basics with this simple Psalm. By now you all know that this Psalm is the basis on which speakers the loudest to me in my testimony and also the verse that God lead me to when I first started this blog.

I pray that this week I feel these verses in the depths of my heart and that they ring true for all things in my life. I pray that those of you who are in need of a champion are able to turn to God and you understand just how much he wants to help you – no matter what your affliction is or how deep the anguish is in your soul. If you release it all up to God you will be able to be free in his peace.

I’d love to know how God is reaching out to you this week – how has he helped you look past the anguish in your soul?

With blessings,

Jamie xx


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