A quick homage to the power of prayer

Hello hello!

This is my first post for 2016 and I’m pumped! I may be writing this from the floor, on my phone while one of my sick children uses me as a mattress but still super excited to start the year of articles on here with this one!

How awesome is prayer? It’s like the best bits of meditation and conversation combined! And the greatest thing about it is that you and having he conversation with God and he has got seriously good communication skills:

Great listener – check!

Doesn’t ask stupid questions – check!

Actually cares about what your saying – double check!

And best of all he always answers even if sometime you have to wait a while for the answer to reveal itself.

After attending a church service for the first time in almost 2 years (wow that went quick) I felt compelled to pray to God about trusting him with our finances. There has not been a single day since my husband and I got married that we have not had a substantial debt looming above our heads and although I had prayed in the past about specific parts of our budget or finances I never actually gave that trust over to him – because we were the ones that had to implement budgets and payment schedules and all of that other nonsense, weren’t we? However, we had reached a stagnant point where for every ten steps forward we took nine and a half steps back and I was losing hope. I can’t remember the specific prayer my husband and I prayed together however it went something like this.


I give the power of this debt over to you. I ask for you to heap blessings over this situation but ultimately I ask for you to guide it to your will. Lord, open my heart so that I may trust you with the entirety of this situation not only bits and pieces. Lord I ask forgiveness for not giving this over to you before now; I ask that you forgive me for not placing my full trust in you.


We continued to pay throughout the day, and then after that through the week, about specific aspects of our finances that were causing us anxiety and heart ache and placed them in the hands of God and through out the week we have been blessed with him answering several of them.

  1. We are needing a second car but could not really afford the expense of a second car – the Lord provided and in Matthews pay increase he received the amount almost to the dollar that we needed to afford to buy, insure and run a new car for the first year. He did this on the first day after we prayed for his guidance and overflow in our finances. It has BLOWN MY MIND!
  2. I have been struggling to keep up with what the girls need in terms of tables and chairs and the like because we could not find room in the budget for it. I prayed on this specifically for me to find a table and chairs set locally for free that would suit our girls needs and today I found one in perfect condition for free – it’s even pink!
  3. Our fast food spending and grocery budget is always our biggest pitfall when it comes to finances and this past fortnight God has put a real passion for growing our own food into my heart – despite the fact that previously I despised gardening. He has already shown us how wonderfully this can go by giving us a peach tree in this house we are renting, we will have peach muffins for the rest of the year, which I was then able to trade for fresh herbs and vegetables for free! It is a thriving industry in Geelong and we will be getting our garden growing to join along.

Just like that three major prayers answered with several minor ones completed along the way! Praise the Lord! It’s amazing what he can do when you open yourself up to trust in the Lord.

I watched an amazing sermon the other day (as I had sick bubs so couldn’t make it to church) by Pastor Russel Evans about the difference in between hope and wishing – hope has the expectation that you your want will be fulfilled so you act upon that expectations where as wishing ends with the wish (see the full sermon here). I can not think of a better description of prayer – prayer is a hopefilled communication that God will be with you and will fulfill your request, whether is is for forgiveness, abundance, healing or strength. And that is simply amazing.

Blessings be with you always.

Jamie x


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