My top tips for introducing solids to NON fussy children

I thought that for my first non-faith based article I might take you through my experience with introducing solids to my identical twin girls. This was my first real hurdle when it came to raising E & V because they blew every preconception that I had out of the water; I had heard so much about introducing fussy kids to new foods but what are some tips for when they take to it like ducks to water?

Our journey to solids was a little different than what I always expected it to be – I was fully prepared for fussy eaters who needed coaxing to take every bite and who would be on home made puréed food until they were at least 9months old. I had read all of my articles, had my mummy judging stance about only home made food all prepared for Facebook and had firmly decided that my babies would know not to get messy while they ate…

I guess they didn’t get the message *sigh*

What I got was trying to introduce solids while living in a hotel room for a month without a kitchen with two bubbas who were convinced there was a food shortage in Australia, who loved to play with their pouches of food and who loved to eat mummy’s and daddy’s food – anything and everything they could get their hands on was theirs. Slightly different than my expectations. 

So here are my top 6 recommendations for first introducing solids to NON fussy eaters:

  1. Let them set the pace this was the easiest one for me in the end but my husband had a lot of trouble with it. We tried to limit how much food they could have according to the internet’s advice and what my mother recommended and let’s just say that it was a noisy few days! Everyone was much happier when we let them set the pace. This goes for the flip side as well – if they are turning away from food then let them but try again later.
  2. Introduce one thing at a time The only thing that I really feel like I mucked up in the first couple of feeds was that I was trying to add variety (read different sachets to ease my mummy guilt for having to use them due to not having a kitchen). When I stopped that after about a week and just stuck to one sachet type over two days they were much happier and now there is only one food that they won’t eat – Turkey for the life of me I can’t work out why but they hate it.
  3. Wait until they can sit unassisted or with little assistance I had tried my girls before they could sit up unassisted and to be honest they hated it and I was stressed out to the max – this was one piece of advice I had from a friend when I mentioned how stressed it was making me and it was one of the best pieces of advice I got about feeding my twins. If they can sit up mostly unassisted then they can actually digest the food properly and you and they can enjoy the experience.
  4. Be prepared for mess and wasted food as you can see from the photo above mess and feeding solids come hand in hand. My girls were 5 1/2 months when we introduced solids and they were at the stage where they were loving texture and experiencing things with their hands and mouth so things got messy quickly. I set aside about 20 singlets for food time and just let them go nuts and they had a ball – I strongly feel that this is why the girls have no issues with texture when it comes to eating their food. Also we had bath time after every meal for the first little while.
  5. Have fun with it Like anything with young children they will pick up on how you are feeling so if you are feeling stressed and anxious about the food then they will be upset and not want to eat. Relax and enjoy the experience that is your baby learning to eat ‘human food’.

And a bit of bonus advice – if you start with just vegetables at first and only introduce the healthiest variety of that food then that’s what they develop a taste for. For example start with just plain Greek yoghurt instead of sweetened baby yoghurt or sachets with just vegetables in them instead of ones sweetened with Apple and then they get use to and actually like the plainer or savoury varieties first. They are now 20months old and we still don’t have any troubles with them eating anything – we just have to convince them not to chuck their plate the second they are done.

Like everything on this blog this is just my experience and my top tips but if you are just about to start solids and want to try and avoid the whole fussy eater dilemma then feel free to give the tips a go – let me know how you go with them.

Blessings to you always x


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